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Client Appreciation

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Great session today!  Thank you.
BTW - I have your voice in my head whenever I am standing in the
elevator or standing in line at the grocery store - "be balanced".
I make an effort to stand properly.    I catch myself all the time slouching, leaning .



This class has been good.  I am enjoying the back to basics approach.   Doing the poses correctly makes for a better practice.   I have found a number of things that I haven't really paid attention to before and the poses feel better for it.



Thanks for introducing me to Beginner's Yoga!  I really needed the regular weekly connection to get through the winter months, especially with Covid.  You truly are an amazing instructor with awesome detailed lessons.


I just had an amazing private lesson with Angie! She brings Yoga to life in a way that perfectly helps places that need work, while not making it feel like work!!!

~ Sheena

I am enjoying chair yoga and found the quad work was really helping my arthritic knees so love that!! This is my first chair yoga class I’ve taken and of course I’m sad that typical yoga is too much for my knees now but happy to do some kind of yoga.

~ Jessica

Thanks sooo much for your introduction to yoga. I have learned a lot! Your instructions were easy to follow and clear. You made it enjoyable!

~ Linda


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Thank you so much for your brilliant session last night!
Quality singing while sitting is not easy.
Your session taught the guys so much!

I particularly appreciated how you invited the guys to be aware of the impact of their postures on their body tensions and their breathing.


~ Guelph Royal City Ambassadors - BHS Chorus

I just want to thank you for our yoga session last night, it was perfect. The right amount of time, it got everyone aligned for good singing and it was something new and different at a zoom rehearsal.

~ Crystal Chords - HI Chorus

Thanks so much for sharing your yoga warmup with us this evening!  What a great way to start off the evening and get our bodies lined up and opened up!  I'm glad we could finally take you up on your generous offer - much appreciated by Chord Spinners and Shades of Harmony :)

~ Chord Spinners - HI Chorus

Thank you so much Angie for the great stretch!  Everyone greatly appreciated your lesson and learned some good techniques!

~ Niagara Frontier  Chord Authority - HI Chorus

Thank you so, so much for joining us this evening and sharing your great presentation with us!!!
The chorus really enjoyed and appreciated this gift, and I hope other choruses take you up on your generous offer.
Thank you again

~ Sea-Belles of Harmony Inc

Thank you so much for leading our meeting last week; I received so much positive feedback from our parents. We will be doing poses at the beginning of each meeting to warm up or wind down at the end of our meetings. 

~ 1st Rothesay Spark Unit

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We are all really enjoying the program. My students have really enjoyed taking a break with the colouring pages, and we use the pause breath every day. They also really liked the chair yoga pose, and we extended it with some twists as well. 

~ Paris Central Gr 3/4 Class

My students absolutely loved the Yoga Yahtzee game! We played against you as a whole class for them to understand the game, and now I'll be incorporating it as a choice for students who finish their work early. We had so much fun, and the kids were extremely engaged. 

~ Paris Central Gr 3/4 Class


We really liked the "Strike a Pose" game. My class found it really fun and was laughing throughout it. They also liked that it was "constantly doing stuff". As a class, we really like the Friday games. It was also mentioned that the kids like the animal poses and would love to keep having more of those. They said they like the activities that get them moving a lot. Students wondered if you will be including your daughter in any activities. We like that you do this every week and that you make this fun for kids. 

~ Paris Central Gr 3/4 Class


Our class really liked the colour-by-number with the freedom to choose our own colours. The pictures turned out really beautifully. We also really liked Friday's spinner game. Each student wrote out eight poses on their own spinners, and then we partnered up to play the game. Lots of laughing and fun!

~ Paris Central Gr 3/4 Class


The students absolutely LOVED "I'm going to yoga class", and we'll continue using that as a warm up activity. They also really enjoyed how you challenged them to create their own poses in both of the Theme Thursday videos. We had a lot of variations for both the shapes and the Earth poses.

~ Paris Central Gr 3/4 Class


Our class absolutely loved the Friday game. We played in partners, and they were so engaged and excited! We also talked quite a bit about the outdoor breathing exercise and how beneficial it would be when the students are out at recess and are having difficulties getting along with friends.

~ Paris Central Gr 3/4 Class


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