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School Wellness & Mindfulness Program - 4 Weeks



Teachers and staff who are already overworked and stressed out, may also be feeling the acute pressure to help their students cope with the challenges of an ever-changing classroom and world.

Lots of students are struggling to adjust and falling behind, whether it is emotionally, socially, or academically. They’re more anxious, frustrated, and restless. During the height of the recent pandemic, we saw record-high numbers of children experiencing both anxiety and depression.

Adding a Physical and Mental Wellness & Mindfulness program that is planned for each classroom may be of benefit. Each day of the week has a particular focus, making it easy to engage students: Mindful Mondays, Twisty Tuesdays, Wind-Down Wednesdays, Theme Thursdays, and Fun Fridays.

Each week the teacher will receive 5 short (maximum 10 minute) videos introducing the theme of that day and the activity for the students to do and if appropriate the handout that goes with it. Plus, directions and helpful tips to get the students practicing mindfulness and movement activities. Each grade will receive its own specific program based on the age group, from JK-Grade 8.

Students will learn specific breathing, physical and mental wellness, mindfulness exercises and games that can be done within ten minutes that they can use throughout their school careers and into adulthood.

Mindful Mondays help to ground the students through breathing and meditation. Twisty Tuesday they become more aware of their bodies. Wind-Down Wednesday provided calming techniques to promote self-regulation and focus. Theme Thursday teaches the students to move, stretch and safely challenge their bodies. Fun Friday helps them to have fun and connect with one another.

This program also fits into the Ontario Health and Physical Education 2019 Curriculum Guidelines.

PS We also provide you with a FREE mindfulness and yoga class for you and your friends or fellow teachers.

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