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My Smart Hands Brant

Happy Mother with her Child

Imagine…communicating with your baby before he/she can even speak and/or being able to communicate more effectively with your toddler.

Now you can!

Baby sign language reduces frustration, accelerates verbal development and strengthens cognitive skills. It also enhances child-parent bonding through time spent teaching signs to your baby.

Research shows that preverbal infants can communicate through the use of sign language long before they can verbalize their needs.

At My Smart Hands® Brant, we will give you the skills and knowledge you will need to communicate with your preverbal, hearing baby or to create a more effective mode of communication between you and your toddler.

Come and take a class with My Smart Hands® Brant and learn how to sign with your child!

We offer Level 1 and 2 classes for children under 3 and parents.  We also offer a Level 3 program which is for children 3-5.

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Our mission is to bring a better understanding to parents, educators and children of the value of visual communication early in life. Promoting ASL as part of a dual language to the hearing community can act as a bridge to more meaningful communication in our homes, our schools and our communities.

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