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Level 3 Private Class

$150 (includes Parent Manual and Kids Workbook)


Contact to set a date & time

6-8 Week Course


Via Zoom or location of your choice

More About the Class

The Level III classes are designed specifically for preschoolers aged 3 to 5. The instructor teaches directly to the children, and parents and caregivers act as “teachers’ aides” during the class, helping the children with in-class songs and activities.

Children do NOT need to have taken Levels I and II to join this class; however, children who have gone through the first two levels will be slightly ahead of children who haven’t taken them. You will learn over 100 signs, as well as sing songs and read books not learned in Level I or II.

Weekly themes covered in class include:

  • Life together

  • Shapes

  • Questions

  • Days of the week

  • Clothes

  • Community helpers

  • Places we go

  • Sports

All of our classes include a full-colour My Smart Hands® Parents Manual and Kids Workbook. The books have pictures of the signs learned along with descriptions for easy reference long after the class is over!

If via Zoom, link will be sent upon registration.

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