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2021 In Review (Not very catchy😋but still a good read) aka Believing in Yourself

It's almost the end of December and the end of 2021 and to be honest the last couple of weeks have been hard. I have had moments where I have stopped believing in myself and then it occurred to me that I named my business Believe In and that made me smile. I named it Believe In for a number of reasons but the one that sticks out at the moment is so it would continue to remind me to believe in myself and what I have to offer to the world.

And with that I decided to have a look back at 2021 and see what I have accomplished and offered to the world.

Here is a rundown

  • continued to offer Coffee Time to my ACS friends

  • remained a member of the MBHA board of directors

  • continued teaching yoga online even when things were seemingly getting back to some sort of normal

  • read most of the books from my book club and participated in the discussions about those books

  • remained a Girl Guide leader through the beginning of 2021 which mostly took place online (urgh!)

  • continued to learn more about myself through my counselling (thank you Catherine)

  • continued as a member to the ACS board of directors

  • did singers warm-ups for choruses across North America

  • continued with my own chorus singing even if it was online for the first half of the year

  • continued on my journey to become a Harmony Inc Chair of Judges even when there were no contests on the horizon

  • continued to do household things like groceries and cleaning

  • bought a new trailer for my happy place (Harmony Ranch)

  • connected with family and friends via Zoom

  • continued learning through different venues throughout the year, about singing, angels, energy, writing a book, MindBody Coaching (thank you Lindsay)

  • taught yoga to Girl Guide units across Canada

  • taught My Smart Hands classes

  • taught Reiki and offered Reiki

  • started singing with a new quartet (shhh it isn't public yet)

  • went back to singing in person safely

  • spent time with family and friends in person when it was safe

  • spent time with my family doing things like visiting the sunflower farm and the drive-in

  • honoured my Dad with a dedication

  • spent time at my favourite place during the summer

  • continued with my favourite form of self care treatment, pedicures from Enrapt

  • continued to see my doctors to improve my health

  • put together plans for the future of my business with the help of a friend (thank you Nicky)

  • found new outlets for my yoga classes (thank you Purple Poppy and County of Brant)

  • started taking a yoga class from my old teacher (thank you Nesta)

  • continued to navigate COVID-19

You know what I learned in making the above list? I have had lots of conversations and laughs. I have learned more about others that surround me in my life. I went back to one of my favourite pastimes of reading. I continued learning about myself and topics that interest me. I continued on with things that were important in my life even if there was no end in sight of them ever getting back to "normal".

I also re-learned something that I always used to say in high school...there is no such thing as 'normal' because if everyone or everything was normal it will always be the same and life just isn't like that. It's what makes it exciting and sometimes frustrating and allows the journey to unfold in front of you.

So here is to the unfolding of 2022 (not 2020 too!) May you find something to believe in over the coming year and let it be something to hold onto to help you through the good and the bad.

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