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28 Days....

I don't know about you but when the last round of lockdowns came out it really hit me hard! But instead of concentrating on all the negative things I decided to think about some positives. I was asked by a friend what my plan was to get through this time. And she is right, we all need a plan to make it through.

This got me thinking and I have come up with my plan and I'm hoping you will join me.

Starting on Friday I will be doing 28 Days of Self-Love. If you do the math this should end when we (in Ontario) are supposed to come out of lockdown again, May 20th.

Every day I will post a new self-love challenge to complete. If you are following along or joining in watch for those posts and show us what you are doing. Don't forget to tag us!

Notice the image I have chosen for this? My hope is that by doing these activities, even a few of them will help to put some of the pieces back into place.

PS There may be prizes for those that participate!

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