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Exciting New Adventure (just for you)

Hello my friend!

I’m so excited! I have joined a team of amazing yogi’s to increase our presence and deliver more value to this world, transforming more lives and helping people shine like the light they are meant to be!

Our focus is to Help you De-Stress and Get Grounded, Connect Better to Yourself and Others, Heal from Physical and Emotional pain, Strengthen your Body and so much more! – All through the power of yoga, of course!

And our approach is really unique! I can’t wait for you to learn about it, as there is nothing like it out there right now! You will learn all about it by playing in our contest!

Of course, you can simply enter and not learn about us, but why would you when there are great prizes to be had! (Don’t forget Christmas is just around the corner and some make great gifts!)

The more you learn about us and spread the word to your own networks, the more chances you have to redeem points, make it to the top of your leaderboard (think old school arcade style) or win the grand prize which will be drawn at random.

I can’t wait to show you what I’m up to! Simply Follow this link then confirm your email and you are in!

Prefer something else, we’ve got you covered with a myriad of other prizes too!

To learn more and enter visit us here:

We’re excited about the competition and hope you are too!

In Harmony


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