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Holiday Advent Dec 1-6

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Every year I create an advent calendar for my daughter to complete. It all started because I didn't want to buy my 1 year old a chocolate advent calendar and it has continued as one of our traditions.

This week I thought I would share what some of our advents were.

We always start out the month by making the advent bags. I just use brown lunch bags and we decorate them with Christmas, holiday and season themed pictures. I have to admit that they have gotten better over the years, well except for mine :). Then we hang them all up. The string they go on took me over 1.5 hours to detangle this year. Anyone have any suggestions on how to keep them untangled?!

We decorated the house from top to bottom, pulling out all the Christmas decorations from the crawl space and making room for them. I didn't do a lot of the decorating this year and my daughter was very much into it. Although she made me promise not to move the ones she put out, LOL!

Next up, we sent a nice note to a couple of friends letting them know that we miss them and are thinking about them over the holiday season.

Then we made nuts and bolts, one of my favourite holiday treats! I just sat back and watched with a nice glass of wine while my daughter mixed the batches together. It was great fun and I loved watching her.

Last year we had a large planter outside which I purchased. I had kept all the ornamental items from the planter and the container so this year we decided to make our own. I have to say I think it turned out nicely. Something new to add to the advent list.

On Saturday night we took a drive to the reverse Christmas parade. It was great fun and so nice to see so many of the people from town out to enjoy it as well. We had also planned on driving around town to see some of the houses as well but didn't have time so this will be another night.

And lastly we decorated our Christmas tree on Sunday afternoon. We went Friday night to pick it out and my daughter did a great job of picking out a tree. It is beautiful and full of Christmas decoration treasures we have collected over the years. My daughter and husband decided to make homemade eggnog to saviour while decorating the tree. Here is the recipe but I will tell you that we did not have any heavy cream so they substituted condensed milk for the heavy cream and sugar. Pretty yummy, even for someone who is not a big eggnog fan.

Lots of holiday cheer happening right now for us which is nice to see and feel.

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