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It's been 2 Years! Do You Feel Fine?

The song that should have been playing every where 2 years ago!

Can you believe that 2 years ago we entered the COVID-19 Pandemic?!

If you look back over the last 2 years what is the one thing that sticks out for you?

For me, it's the emotional roller-coaster we have all been on.

When the pandemic started we all banded together, supporting each other, caring for each other, looking out for each other. There was genuine concern and caring for humanity. Remember the Elton John special?! Do you remember how uplifting that feeling was of all of us joined together in the same situation, a pandemic?

To be honest, that may have been my favourite part of the pandemic. Everything was light, the energy was changing and it felt like we were moving forward to a better humanity. Life slowed down. You spent time doing things that you had been putting off because there was nothing else to do. How many clean cupboards happened during the first few months of the pandemic?

Looking back now, that seems like so long ago and a fantasy of what I thought was the direction the universe was pointing us toward.

Over the last 2 years, lines have been set in the sand, friends and families have been divided. I feel like the world is heavier and more chaotic than before the pandemic. And there was a lot of crap going on before (think Trump, China).

I think that everyone has suffered during the last 2 years. Mentally, physically, emotionally, financially. It has just been so much!

So how do we move forward as we "come out" of the pandemic? Do we return to what everyone is referring to as 'normal'?

For me, I am hoping that we create a new 'normal'. Not that I believe in normal LOL! I still have a keychain from high school that says "why be normal?". I have always thought that there is no such thing as normal because if there was then everyone and everything would be the same and it's not, which is good because that would be boring.

So I guess my new normal would be considered more lightness. Remembering to be kind, loving and caring. To remember that people are people and their opinions will differ, that does not mean they are wrong, nor are you wrong. To remember to be yourself! Be the person you want to be, go big or go home! So many people discovered over the pandemic what may be their true calling. I started my business back up in the middle of a pandemic and I love it! I have remembered why I love yoga and that it is not just poses but so much more. I have learned more over the last 2 years, taking online classes, reading more, being with myself more. I have a better understanding of what brings me light and I hope to continue that journey.

If more people continued that journey of bringing more light to the universe I would imagine we would be in a better place. It may even feel like it did at the beginning when we were all in this together. Imagine that!

“In a family, if there is one person who practices mindfulness, the entire family will be more mindful. Because of the presence of one member who lives in mindfulness, the entire family is reminded to live in mindfulness. If in one class, one student lives in mindfulness, the entire class is influenced.” The Miracle of Mindfulness, page 64, by Thich Nhat Hanh

Be the change you wish to see in the world. -Ghandi

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