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Kids and Yoga

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

I am a true believer that yoga, meditation, journaling etc do help your mental and physical health.

Now, the problem is trying to convince your children that it is good for them or trying to make it fun and something they are will to try.

I purchased a program from Kids Yoga Stories at the end of December hoping to put it into practice in January. Well January came and went and here we are in February.

Here the kids are going back to school this week except for those that are still doing online learning or home schooling. I see the frustration, the mental anguish, the sadness in my daughter right now and feel helpless most of the time.

And so I decided that maybe this program would be a good idea. It is 16 weeks of 10 minute a day activities. And I can tell you these are not just for the kids, adults would benefit from these 10 minutes a day as well!

Each week is divided into activities for each day, Mindful Mondays, Twisty Tuesday, Wind-down Wednesday, Theme Thursday and Fun Friday.

I hope you join in the fun and you find some benefit to these activities.

Here is the first Mindful Monday - Pause Breath

If you enjoyed this 10 Minutes please follow my YouTube channel for more videos each day and like and follow Believe In on FB for updates each day as well.

You can also register on and get an email each day with the information.

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