Standing Tall, Figure 8's and What's In Your Bag?

This month we are going to talk about standing tall using the yoga pose Tadasana, a calming breath using the number 8 and a meditation about leaving behind what you don't need in that moment by finding out what's in your bag.

Whether it's yoga, pranayama (breathing) or meditation take some time for yourself today.

Yoga - Tadasana Pose

Standing Pose or Mountain Pose may look easy but it is the first step to finding stability.

To build a strong Tadasana pose

  • Line feet up straight. Middle of 2nd and 3rd toe with the middle back of heel.

  • Balance the feet front to back and side to side to find the centre point.

  • Knees point in the same direction as the feet.

  • Pelvis is level (imagine a bowl of water).

  • Rib cage sits directly on top of pelvis.

  • Shoulders on top of that. Think of a long tube from the shoulders to the hips.

  • Relax the neck (bobble-head) and gently place the head on top of the body.

  • Imagine a string attached to the top of the head lifting it up.

  • From here take the arms down to the sides making sure the arms, hands and fingers are active.

  • Breath into the pose finding your centre and strength.

Pranayama - Figure 8 Breath

I find the key to this breath is the pause at the top. It is simple enough and can be done almost anywhere. The instructions below are for in front of you but I also find it works well drawing the 8 on the palm of your hand. Not only do you have the feeling of drawing the 8 but also the sensation on your skin which brings your mind further into the breath.

How to practice Figure Eight Breath

  • Take your pointer finger out in front of you.

  • As you trace a figure 8 in the air, practice inhaling and exhaling deeply.

  • Inhale on the first part of the eight, exhale on the second half. Pause at the top and start again.

  • Focus your eyes on your moving finger and feel your belly expand and contract with your deep belly breathing.

"When you learn to anchor to your breath, you can learn to tame your mind." –

Meditation - What's In Your Bag?

Discover your stresses, thoughts and feelings and put them aside for the time being. You can always pick them back up.

Try at least one of these each week

Discovery is the key. Each time you use each of these techniques you may discovery something new. It is always a practice.

Don't forget to believe in yourself and trust your instincts.

If you enjoyed any of these techniques join me for a class. Don't forget to subscribe so you can get a new yoga pose, breath work and meditation each month.

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