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Why Believe In?

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Today someone asked me why the name of my company was Believe In, which is a very good question.

I picked the name for a couple of different reasons.

One, because with the services and products that I offer it is my hope that they help people to believe in themselves. You could say that that is my mission :)

Yoga is a great example of this. I love teaching yoga, but I especially love teaching yoga when I get to see that "aha" moment of when students find that muscle or figure out that particular pose. That moment when they believe they can do the pose. Or even better that moment when they realize that they are doing the best they can in the pose and they are still getting so much benefit out of it.

The other reason is to remind myself to believe in ME. To believe that I have something to offer to others that will be helpful and beneficial to them.

I have come to realize that I truly like to help others and maybe even that is what I'm here to do. The only way I can do that is if I believe that I can do that and that I have something of value to offer.

And to dive a little bit further. The logo for Believe In has always been a daisy. There, of course, is also a reason for this. Do you remember as a kid pulling the petals off the daisy and saying "He/she loves me, He/She loves me not"? Well the daisy again is to remind me to love myself. And a reminder to all those that I interact with to love themselves as well. We all have something to offer and a light to share with the world. So shine bright and love yourself.

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