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Resource Guider - Hatha Yoga for All

Monday, Wednesday, Friday-Sunday

evenings or during the day from Sept to Jun (EST)

Free to Guiding Units

30-60 Minutes

Units Location if feasible or Zoom

More About the Class

Yoga is a wonderful activity to do with your unit. It brings the girls together in a safe space to practice something new, or maybe something they have already tried. You do not need to be flexible to try yoga. Yoga can be done seated in a chair or standing up, so it is good for all. Yoga for all is designed to suit the level of Guiding you are in. For example, Sparks would have a fun time with some kids' yoga activities which include fun games and yoga poses. While an older group would get more yoga class-like sessions.

Suitable For: All Guiding branches

Activity Time: Typically, a session would be a half hour to one hour in length

Activity Materials Required: A yoga mat is great to have but not necessary. Yoga can also be done just on the floor or even on a towel. Bare feet are preferred.

Specific type of space required: A space big enough for the girls to be spread out. This is also a great activity for online sessions.

Availability: Monday, Wednesday, Friday-Sunday evenings or during the day from September to June (EST)


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